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Gamez Reliable Tax Service, LLC. is pleased to provide proven help managing back taxes and tax debt. With a history of success stories and a team of experts willing to figure out what works for you, you can trust us to build a strategy to get you debt-free, as quickly and efficiently as possible. When you are proactive about tackling your back taxes, you not only reduce undue costs to your personal or business wealth, but build the knowledge you need to prevent losses in the future.

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Trust the Professionals at Gamez Reliable Tax Service, LLC. When You Owe Back Taxes

Debt is a heavy burden for any American to bear. Back taxes are a serious problem, and should be dealt with as quickly as possible. Back taxes are especially scary for a business or individual who can’t actually pay their debts at this exact moment—but if you’re having this problem, you’re not the only one, and with the right strategy and advocates you can get out of it.

Let our trained professionals fight with your best interests in mind. Call today to set up an appointment with one of our specialists, so that you can start yourself down the path to a life free from back tax debt.

We Can Help With Any Type of Unpaid Back Taxes

Sometimes people fall behind paying their taxes intentionally, by refusing to disclose income or purposefully not filing their taxes properly. Sometimes it’s completely accidental: due to a lack of education about tax law, clerical errors, or other mistakes. If your taxes haven’t gone through properly to the Internal Revenue Service, they will issues reminder notices. If the debt remains unpaid, a minimum fee of $135 will be charged, in addition to interest on all unpaid debts (0.05% of the taxes owed monthly, with a maximum of 25% of all taxes owed).

This obviously adds up quickly, and back taxes should be managed as quickly as possible to prevent unnecessary losses to your personal or business wealth.

Avoid Back Tax Penalties When You Hire Our Experts

The IRS is a federal agency with incredible power when it comes to tracking down and penalizing anyone owing back taxes. In addition to collections calls, interest, and other charges, the IRS has the authority to take your assets. This can mean seizing your property, seizing your assets, or putting liens on property. A ‘property lien’ is a legal claim that can let the IRS gain legal access to your property if your debts are not paid. A lien needs to be filed officially, and approved by the offices of a county or state.

As a huge government body with all the resources of the federal government available, the IRS has more than enough power to enforce debt payments. In some cases, unpaid debts with the IRS can lead to criminal prosecution. Some back tax debtors have even faced imprisonment.

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