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At Gamez Reliable Tax Service, LLC., we specialize in notarization services for commercial and residential clients. We combine fast response times, professional expertise, and an unrelenting commitment to our customers. We’re the number one choice for all your notary-related needs.

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Located in Fort Worth servicing Grand Prairie, Fort Worth and Dallas

The Full-Service Local Notary

We’re proud to offer a wide range of local notary services to meet the varied needs of our clients. As a notary office, we are available to act as an impartial witness for document authentication and identity verification. Whether you need a notary for personal or commercial reasons, you can count on our help.

We are available to notarize many types of documents:

  • Loan closings
  • Transfer of property ownership
  • Loan documents
  • Real estate documents
  • Proofs of residence
  • Declarations of guardianship
  • Name changes
  • Wills and trust documents
  • Financial documents
  • Jurats
  • Affidavits and oaths
  • Apostille documents
  • Degrees and certificates
  • Power-of-attorney documents
  • …and more

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Simple, Straightforward Notary Services

We built our business with a mission in mind: To provide the most convenient professional services available.

We use a lean business model to make our notarization process simple and straightforward. It streamlines our services, cutting out unnecessary layers of bureaucracy so that we can return your documents to you as quickly as possible.

What You Need to Bring for Notarization

  • A valid picture ID, such as a driver’s license, passport, military ID, or state or government ID card.
  • The document to be notarized.

Note as well that the individual must be present when signing the document. A notary cannot post-date a signature. If your document requires multiple parties’ signatures, be sure that each party is present for the signing.

Superior Customer Service from Your Local Notary

Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for our commitment to customer satisfaction. We boast fast response times and clear communication, and we treat all our clients with courtesy. We’re here to help you get the service you need in the time you want. If your documents are a particularly time-sensitive issue, contact us immediately. We’ll do everything we can to notarize your documents by the time you need them.

When you need the help of an expert, we’ll give you the guidance you need to reach an informed decision on your matter. Contact us to see for yourself.

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Diligence, responsiveness, and clear communication are the hallmarks of our business. They’re what have kept us so successful over the years—and what have made us the go-to-choice for so many residential and commercial clients in our area.

We’re sure you’ll be just as satisfied as all our existing customers once you try our services. Convenient services from a friendly professional are what you can expect when you call Gamez Reliable Tax Service, LLC..

Why wait? If you need a notary for your documents, we’re here to help.

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